Friday, December 25, 2009

A Good Ol' Fashioned Christmas Down On the Farm

For those of you who are fans of Garfield's Christmas special, you'll recognize that title from one of the hit songs of the show! For those of you keeping up with me on facebook or via phone, you'll recognize that title aptly describes my current Christmas!

About 3:20pm yesterday, we lost power. About 4:45 pm, Christmas Eve service was cancelled.
As Mom and I waited out the loss, we gathered up candles, found some flashlights and tried to keep busy. I read a little while there was still light. Mom and I spent some time praying. Then, I decided to start working on a baby blanket. With candles ablazing in the dining room, Mom and I set to work lining up fabric and batting. It was little dark for detail work, so we opened one of Matt's Christmas presents early. Mom bought Matt a clip-on LED lamp for a cap. I put on a Hog Slat cap, clipped on the light and set to work. It was very handy! While I worked, I kept thinking about Psalm 27:1, "The Lord is my light & my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

Dad also got to open a few presents early. He purchased (yes that's right - for himself) a Mr. Heater bunson-burner heater that was hooked up in the farrowing house to keep one of Matt's sows and her 4-day old litter warm. Dad also got himself a flashlight (which is more like a spotlight) with rechargeable batteries, so he could see in the darkness which was soon settling in.

Dad finally came in about 7:30. Supper soon began: Block & Bridle summer sausage, cheese, whole-wheat Club crackers, apples, oranges and 1.5 liters of wine. It was quite the meal! :) We read the stories of Jesus' birth from Matthew & Luke and reminsced about Christmas pasts. After Dad declared it could be days without power, I said, "No! Mom & I prayed." About ten minutes later, we had power! Praise the Lord!

...some time in the night, we lost it again. "The Lord gives & the Lord takes away; may the name of the Lord be praised!"

It was chilly this morning - but the house was only down to 60. We spent some time huddled under blankets. Dad did some chores, checked out the damage...and hooked up the generator! It was so nice to have hot coffee, eat a warm breakfast, take a warm shower - have heat flowing! Praise God for heat!

Mom & I have decided that we would not be very good pioneer women. Mom said this morning, "If I was a good pioneer woman, last night when we had electricity, I would have filled up all the water bottles, pitchers, buckets. My mom would have." If I was a good pioneer woman, I wouldn't be upset about the weather putting a dent in our holiday plans! :)

So, this Christmas, Mom, Dad and I are hunkered down at the farm...waiting for electricity and the snow plow. Matt & Jess are in Osceola at her parents - where there's little snow! Dan's in Ames where there's some ice & fog, but not much snow. It would be so wonderful to be together and celebrate, but that's just not wise or possible.

While family is important today, and the feast is delicious, and the presents delightful...none of those things are Christmas. We celebrate Christmas because of what God gave us - His Son. God sent His son into this world, so that we could be saved. Not just temporary salvation like from the weather or time of trial, but eternal salvation from sin & death. His coming brought us light and life - eternally in heaven & purposefully & joyfully on earth - no matter the circumstances.

Merry Christmas to all!

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