Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Morning Thoughts

1) Did you check out the sunrise this morning? Wow! I caught a glimpse as I walked to the bus. Gorgeous colors! Sometimes on a brisk winter morning, God paints the most beautiful skies.

2) I am very thankful for my genes. My Grandma Ellen is practical; her rule for fasion is that it be functional. So on days like today that are below freezing, she would wear multiple layers, a coat to her ankles, a hat that covers her entire head (yes, with ear flaps and all!), a scarf and mittens/gloves. In the vein of Grandma, I have multiple layers on, wool-blend socks & snow boots. My mother is fashionable; her rule for fashion is that it looks good. So, not only am I functional, I am fashionable. My hat goes with with my coat & my mittens, too. Grandpa Herman was frugal. So not only is it important that I am warm & look cute, I also don't want to spend too much. Warm coat is not only cute, but was also on ridiculous sale last year.

3) Girls on the bus: there is a sign that asks you to hold your bags on your laps for a reason. It is so other people can sit down on the bus. Please mind the sign next time.

4) Have you ever noticed that "Staff Appreciation Day" spells SAD? I bet Michael Scott would. That's why he would call it something cool like, "Guys Afternoon In."

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