Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Silver linings

I'm looking for one.

Sunday, we experienced a tragedy. Dan's beloved dog (which I would like to call ours because I loved him, too...but, by all accounts, he is Dan's) was killed tragically. I am not going into the details because, well, they don't help in the healing process. Just know that it was truly a tragedy, in every sense of the word.

He will be missed. Really, he is already missed! He was such a sweet, innocent, fun-loving dog. He was great. Jud captured my heart right from the beginning. On our way home from picking him up, he found the perfect snuggling place - the base of my neck. He just crawled right up there and slept. And, I was hooked.

On a bad day, all that was necessary for a pick me up was some good Jud-time. A few minutes running around the yard, chasing tennis balls - or hedge apples followed by some snuggles and it was a brand new day. Ah, I loved him. He was the first puppy that I let give me kisses. Yeah, he had my heart.

So, Sunday was just tragic. I have never grieved like this for a pet...but, it was just so wrong & senseless the way he died. Ugh! I have hated it. And, while it may seem silly to some to cry out for justice about a pet, I have cried for justice. Because this should not happen; these dogs should not be free; this man should not own "pets." I came across a set of verses in Genesis after the flood, when God was offering his protection upon the people of the earth - he said that men AND animals would be held accountable for their actions - for harm that they cause. I would like to see that justice now.

Now a word about my amazing Dan: I am so thankful for him. You see, when he first proposed the idea of getting a dog, I thought, "Really? That's a commitment. That's a responsibility. Who knows where you will be in a year? What will happen then? You can't live in an apartment with a dog...blah, blah, blah." But, I didn't say it because it wasn't going to be my dog. The night we went to get Jud, Dan said that he was experiencing second thoughts - and I did tell him my previous concerns - quickly followed with, "Honestly, I am impressed that you want to take on this responsibility and that you desire to care for an animal. I am impressed that you think more of caring for another life rather than how it could crimp your style...because that's what my selfish heart does."

And on Sunday, despite the pain and grief we both experienced, I was - and am - thankful that Dan got Jud. In doing so, my capacity to love was increased...and my fear that caused my reservations has been decreased. In living this, my love and my respect for Dan has greatly increased. As our family and friends have expressed sympathy and support, I realize that we are blessed. SO blessed even in the midst of tragedy.

That's my silver lining.

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