Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seize the day!

So, I had my first experience ever visiting someone in the ER today.

It all began when I got a call in my office from the Animal Science Department secretary.
She had Dan's dad on the line; he wanted to speak with me. At first I thought, "What? Why would he want to speak with me? And why would he be patched from Animal Science? Maybe he's calling about misquoting him in my editorials to save Extension. Crap. I should've asked him." (Man, I had a lot of thoughts.)
Then he began, "Hello, Jessica. Dan is in the ER."
"What?" Talk about a sentence to call you from "your" world and "your" potential problems.
"Yes, he apparently passed out in the lab and he was taken by ambulance to the ER."

Uh, okay. His dad was very calm on the phone, which caused me to not freak out. (Yea Dean!)
I mean, he was conscious now.... In fact, his dad was so relaxed that I wasn't really sure if it was necessary for me to go check on him. However, if the tables were reversed, I would definitely want Dan there - no matter how trivial. (But, really - how "trivial" is a trip to the ER?!)

So, the story goes like this: Dan was working in the lab and felt light-headed. He made a strange grunt/groan - alerting the only other guy in the lab that something was wrong. He then slumped over and fell to the ground (but it sounds like it was sort of slow-motion). He bit his tongue (hard - but not in half as his dad feared) and was out for 15 minutes.

Weird, I know. Anyway, he appears to be fine; his CT scan and bloodwork were all normal. Praise God! Thank God for his protection - Dan could have been at the farm...and then no one would've seen it; it could've happened at 6 when he first got there - and then he would've been alone.... But, he wasn't. Please continue to pray for him. He meets with a neurologist tomorrow. The doctor today didn't seem to think anything was really wrong; sometimes, this just happens. Let's pray that this is just a one-time thing!

It was really neat to see how concerned people in the An Sci department were. So many people showed genuine concern and helped out...or stopped by...or called. It was nice.

We just never know what a day will hold.


  1. Wow; I'll pray everything's ok!!!

  2. I hope everything is ok...bummer to not know about this earlier in the evening, when we had lessons, I just happened to get on your blog tonight.