Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My "Twilight" Rant

After a long hard day working with middle schoolers, I have one thing to say: If I hear one more teenage girl gush about the Twilight series, I think I might puke!

...which is essentially what I updated my facebook to status to convey.
...which was, of course, commented on by a teenage girl saying, "have you read the books? AMAZING!"

Have I read the books? No. Do I want to read the books? Honestly, no. Just like I didn't want to read the Harry Potter series when everyone was raving about them; or the Dan Brown books (Da Vinci Code, etc.)...or even any of the Francine Rivers' series. [Granted of all of the aforementioned series, I would probably read the Francine Rivers series. I did watch "Love's Enduring Promise" on the Hallmark channel and really enjoyed it.]

Why? Because...well, really - they're about vampires. And I know that, "I need to get beyond that because it's a really beautiful love story." Trust me, teenage girls, I have been told that numerous times in many different ways. But, really? A beautiful love story? Edward is ADDICTED to Bella because of her scent. If he wasn't a vampire, we'd call him a CREEPER. Boys that tell girls, "Your scent is like a drug to me," we would classify as having a problem with lust. And we would subsequently tell the girl to stay away from that creepy boy. 0 points, here.

BUT, he's a vampire. He can't help it that he's drawn to drink her blood. And really, we should praise him because he chooses not to drink her blood. Okay, well. You got me here. Edward does exhibit tremendous self-control in not drinking Bella's blood. He does not succumb to his primal urgings. Okay, Twilight: 1 point.

I did watch the movie. My roommate did tell me that the movie in no way comes close to the book. Well, that's good because I couldn't see that creating much of a phenomenon.

Really, in the end, it's hard for me to wrap my head around the vampire/werewolf/human love story. It's great that it's encouraging teen reading, and all...but, have you seen the spin-offs? There are other book series about Vampires (Thirst and others); there are new TV shows about vampires trying to make it in the world. And now the vampire phenomenon is even moving to the demon world.

I wish they were as excited for Elizabeth Bennett, Emma, and Jane Eyre as they are about Bella, Edward and Jacob. Talk about characters with real...character, grace, courage, and wit. Ah, well. I'm a sucker for the classics.

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  1. oh jessica, you're awesome! i actually loved this post, even though i've all the books you mentioned except for dan brown. here are the facts about the books from my point of view:

    i'm in love with the classics too. i grew up on jane eyre, pride and prejudice, and anne of green gables.

    but i read twilight, all four of the books, and it didn't take me very long. despite their lack of quality and depth, they sucked me in and i enjoyed them as a break from the everyday world. but i call it a guilty pleasure : )

    harry potter on the other hand, i'd recommend. these books, though written for younger kids, are still amazingly well written. i didn't want to join the craze either, so i actually just read them this spring.

    and lastly, francine rivers. she's written A LOT of books and i've only read a few. redeeming love seems to be her famous one right now and honestly, it was fine, but not my favorite. the mark of the lion series i HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend. these are written in a more classic way and have a rich biblical, first church history woven in. if anything, please borrow this series from me! it's so good and i promise you won't regret it!

    so there's my little book review for you. and i love you!