Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I heart WY

You know all the things that you never thought you'd say in life?
Well, I never thought I'd say that I heart WY - as in, Wyoming.

I'm currently in Fort Collins for a work training and today the ETS/UB crew headed to Cheyenne, Wyoming. As we crossed into Wyoming, standing high upon a hill was a giant buffalo. (Okay, it's not real.) Now, from a young age, I've had a fascination with buffaloes. Well, I don't know if fascination is an accurate term. But, buffaloes captured my imagination. Literally.
In kindergarten, when all the other girls were chasing after the boys to catch them and kiss them, I was creating this giant "spear" out of these plastic, colorful blocks, so that I could hunt some imaginary buffalo roaming the O-M gymnasium.

Continuing the buffalo-hunt, last summer while in Colorado, as I gazed out at the giant plateaus, I mentioned to my friends that the Indians used to chase the buffalo off of those cliffs in order to kill them. They all laughed. While gazing at the landscape earlier this week, I just couldn't help but think about chasing buffalo off the edge.

I digress. Back to Wyoming.

All I can tell you is that when I'm in Wyoming, my whole heart breathes deeply and freely. There's just something about this place that causes one to feel freer, more adventurous, more connected to the past and believe that the future will be beautiful. I'm not sure what it is - but I think it has to do with the light, the space, and the land.

I LOVE the way that the sunlight illuminates the hills of Wyoming. I love it. It makes my heart sing. Several times this evening, I got to witness the sunlight breaking through the clouds and illuminating the hills. I *think* I captured some of it on film. (If I did, then maybe you'll see some of them soon.)

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  1. *Sigh*
    How I agree with you. I'm ready for that roadtrip whenever you are! :)